How the Andalusian Public Health System Repository is organised.

Fondo Bibliográfico Digital Institucional is organised in Communities, subcommunities and collections.

The communities gather the differents institutions and centers that are part of the Andalusia Public Health System and are classified in six big groups: two for the regional government and administration support services (Consejería de Salud y Bienestar Social- General; Servicio Andaluz de Salud- Servicios de apoyo) and the other ones for hospitals (Hospitales), primary health care centers (Atención Primaria), research and teaching centers (Centros e institutos de investigación) and support research centers(Entidades de gestión)

Hospitales, Atención Primaria, Centros e institutos de investigación y Entidades de gestión communities are divided into subcommunities, which represent specific centers and institutions.

Each community and subcommunity has got one or more collections assigned, depending on the kind of documents that conform the Andalusia Public Health System scientific production.


It is an intermediate level that consists of Andalusia Public Health System centers and entities grouped by provinces and types.


Collections are based on the different kinds of documents and the particular submission policies to be complied with. At the moment, six collections have been defined, taking into account the type of documents or to whom is addressed. These are:

01. Articles Scientific or technical article, or editorial published by a specialized journal. Reviews, letters, correspondence or corrections are included. The file version in the Repository depends on editorial policy and author's rights.
02. Institutional Publications Monographs and journals published by Andalusia Health Regional Government or any Andalusia Public Health System center or entity.
03. Technical reports Reports from committees, statistics data, etc.
04. Protocols and guides Current protocols, clinical practice guidelines, etc. in the Andalusia Publica Health System.
05. Conferences All sort of documents related to a conference: paper, coomunication, poster, accepted and presented in it.
06. Materials for patients and citizens Material addressed to society or a specific group of people in order to promote healthy habits or help to make decitions in health care.

Quality criteria

As institutional repository, documents submitted must fulfill formal, content and legal criteria.

Terms of use

In general, items in Fondo Bibliográfico Digital Institucional are under a Creative Commons license, unless otherwise indicated, that allows you to share (copy, distribute and transmit the work) with the right attribution of the work and without commercial purpose or transformation.