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Chromosome and abnormalities are associated with an even worse outcome and karyotype complexity in patiens with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and TP53 ABlanco, A; Puiggros, A; Baliakas, P; Athanasiadou, A; García-Malo, MD; Collado, R; Xochelli, A; Rodríguez-Rivera, M; Ortega, M; Calasanz, MJ; Luño, E; Vargas, MT; Grau, J; Martínez-Laperche, C; Valiente, A; Papaioannou, G; Cervera, J; Anagnostopoulos, A; Piñán, MA; Stalika, E; Hernández-Rivas, JM; Batlle, A; Salido, M; Ortuño, F; Melero, c; Robles, D; Ferrer, A; Ivars, D; Rodríguez, A; González, M; Bosch, F; Abrisqueta, P; Stamatopoulos, K; Espinet, B9-Jun-2016