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Colorectal cancer health services research study protocol: the CCR-CARESS observational prospective cohort project.Quintana, José M; Gonzalez, Nerea; Anton-Ladislao, Ane; Redondo, Maximino; Bare, Marisa; Fernandez de Larrea, Nerea; Briones, Eduardo; Escobar, Antonio; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Garcia-Gutierrez, Susana; Aguirre, Urko; REDISSEC-CARESS/CCR group8-Jul-2016
Combining statistical techniques to predict postsurgical risk of 1-year mortality for patients with colon cancer.Arostegui, Inmaculada; Gonzalez, Nerea; Fernández-de-Larrea, Nerea; Lázaro-Aramburu, Santiago; Baré, Marisa; Redondo, Maximino; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Garcia-Gutierrez, Susana; Quintana, José M; REDISSEC CARESS-CCR Group6-Mar-2018
COPD is a clear risk factor for increased use of resources and adverse outcomes in patients undergoing intervention for colorectal cancer: a nationwide study in Spain.Baré, Marisa; Montón, Concepción; Mora, Laura; Redondo, Maximino; Pont, Marina; Escobar, Antonio; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Fernández de Larrea, Nerea; Briones, Eduardo; Quintana, Jose Maria21-Apr-2017
Factors Associated with Prolonged Patient-Attributable Delay in the Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer.Zarcos-Pedrinaci, Irene; Téllez, Teresa; Rivas-Ruiz, Francisco; Padilla-Ruiz, María Del Carmen; Alcaide, Julia; Rueda, Antonio; Baré, María Luisa; Suárez-Varela, María Manuela Morales; Briones, Eduardo; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Fernández-Larrea, Nerea; Escobar, Antonio; Quintana, José María; Redondo, Maximino2-Jan-2018
Predictors of one and two years' mortality in patients with colon cancer: A prospective cohort study.Quintana, José M; Antón-Ladislao, Ane; González, Nerea; Lázaro, Santiago; Baré, Marisa; Fernández-de-Larrea, Nerea; Redondo, Maximino; Briones, Eduardo; Escobar, Antonio; Sarasqueta, Cristina; García-Gutierrez, Susana; Aróstegui, Inmaculada; REDISSEC-CARESS/CCR group28-Jun-2018
Validity of the CR-POSSUM model in surgery for colorectal cancer in Spain (CCR-CARESS study) and comparison with other models to predict operative mortality.Baré, Marisa; Alcantara, Manuel Jesús; Gil, Maria José; Collera, Pablo; Pont, Marina; Escobar, Antonio; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Redondo, Maximino; Briones, Eduardo; Dujovne, Paula; Quintana, Jose Maria; CARESS-CCR Study Group29-Jan-2018
Variability of indication criteria in knee and hip replacement: an observational studyCobos, Raquel; Latorre, Amaia; Aizpuru, Felipe; Guenaga, Jose I; Sarasqueta, Cristina; Escobar, Antonio; García, Lidia; Herrera-Espiñeira, Carmen26-Oct-2010