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Assessing Bacterial Diversity in the Rhizosphere of Thymus zygis Growing in the Sierra Nevada National Park (Spain) through Culture-Dependent and Independent Approaches.Pascual, Javier; Blanco, Silvia; García-López, Marina; García-Salamanca, Adela; Bursakov, Sergey A; Genilloud, Olga; Bills, Gerald F; Ramos, Juan L; van Dillewijn, Pieter7-Jan-2016
Longimicrobium terrae gen. nov., sp. nov., an oligotrophic bacterium of the under-represented phylum Gemmatimonadetes isolated through a system of miniaturized diffusion chambers.Pascual, Javier; García-López, Marina; Bills, Gerald F; Genilloud, Olga12-Feb-2016