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Furin Prodomain ppFurin Enhances Ca2+ Entry Through Orai and TRPC6 Channels' Activation in Breast Cancer Cells.López, Jose J; Siegfried, Geraldine; Cantonero, Carlos; Soulet, Fabienne; Descarpentrie, Jean; Smani, Tarik; Badiola, Iker; Pernot, Simon; Evrard, Serge; Rosado, Juan A; Khatib, Abdel-Majid1-Apr-2021
Orai1α, but not Orai1β, co-localizes with TRPC1 and is required for its plasma membrane location and activation in HeLa cells.Sanchez-Collado, Jose; Lopez, Jose J; Jardin, Isaac; Berna-Erro, Alejandro; Camello, Pedro J; Cantonero, Carlos; Smani, Tarik; Salido, Gines M; Rosado, Juan A6-Jan-2022
Orai2 Modulates Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry and Cell Cycle Progression in Breast Cancer Cells.Sanchez-Collado, Jose; Lopez, Jose J; Cantonero, Carlos; Jardin, Isaac; Regodón, Sergio; Redondo, Pedro C; Gordillo, Juan; Smani, Tarik; Salido, Gines M; Rosado, Juan A27-Dec-2021
STIM1 phosphorylation at Y316 modulates its interaction with SARAF and the activation of SOCE and ICRAC.Lopez, Esther; Frischauf, Irene; Jardin, Isaac; Derler, Isabella; Muik, Martin; Cantonero, Carlos; Salido, Gines M; Smani, Tarik; Rosado, Juan A; Redondo, Pedro C15-May-2019
TRPs in Pain Sensation.Jardín, Isaac; López, José J; Diez, Raquel; Sánchez-Collado, José; Cantonero, Carlos; Albarrán, Letizia; Woodard, Geoffrey E; Redondo, Pedro C; Salido, Ginés M; Smani, Tarik; Rosado, Juan A9-Jun-2017