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Integration of RNA-Seq data with heterogeneous microarray data for breast cancer profiling.Castillo, Daniel; Gálvez, Juan Manuel; Herrera, Luis Javier; Román, Belén San; Rojas, Fernando; Rojas, Ignacio21-Nov-2017
KnowSeq R-Bioc package: The automatic smart gene expression tool for retrieving relevant biological knowledge.Castillo-Secilla, Daniel; Gálvez, Juan Manuel; Carrillo-Perez, Francisco; Verona-Almeida, Marta; Redondo-Sánchez, Daniel; Ortuno, Francisco Manuel; Herrera, Luis Javier; Rojas, Ignacio13-Apr-2021
Multiclass classification for skin cancer profiling based on the integration of heterogeneous gene expression series.Gálvez, Juan Manuel; Castillo, Daniel; Herrera, Luis Javier; San Román, Belén; Valenzuela, Olga; Ortuño, Francisco Manuel; Rojas, Ignacio11-May-2018