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A Pandemic within Other Pandemics. When a Multiple Infection of a Host Occurs: SARS-CoV-2, HIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.González-Domenech, Carmen María; Pérez-Hernández, Isabel; Gómez-Ayerbe, Cristina; Viciana Ramos, Isabel; Palacios-Muñoz, Rosario; Santos, Jesús17-May-2021
Severe immunosuppression is related to poorer immunogenicity to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines among people living with HIV.Corma-Gómez, Anaïs; Fernández-Fuertes, Marta; García, Estefanía; Fuentes-López, Ana; Gómez-Ayerbe, Cristina; Rivero-Juárez, Antonio; Domínguez, Carmen; Santos, Marta; Viñuela, Laura; Palacios, Rosario; Real, Luis M; Rivero, Antonio; Macías, Juan; Pineda, Juan A; García, Federico28-May-2022