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Asymmetric cell division requires specific mechanisms for adjusting global transcription.Mena, Adriana; Medina, Daniel A; García-Martínez, José; Begley, Victoria; Singh, Abhyudai; Chávez, Sebastián; Muñoz-Centeno, Mari C; Pérez-Ortín, José E2017
Cell volume homeostatically controls the rDNA repeat copy number and rRNA synthesis rate in yeast.Pérez-Ortín, José E; Mena, Adriana; Barba-Aliaga, Marina; Singh, Abhyudai; Chávez, Sebastián; García-Martínez, José7-Apr-2021
Growth rate controls mRNA turnover in steady and non-steady states.García-Martínez, José; Troulé, Kevin; Chávez, Sebastián; Pérez-Ortín, José E20-Sep-2016
The cellular growth rate controls overall mRNA turnover, and modulates either transcription or degradation rates of particular gene regulons.García-Martínez, José; Delgado-Ramos, Lidia; Ayala, Guillermo; Pelechano, Vicent; Medina, Daniel A; Carrasco, Fany; González, Ramón; Andrés-León, Eduardo; Steinmetz, Lars; Warringer, Jonas; Chávez, Sebastián; Pérez-Ortín, José E29-Dec-2015