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A study protocol for a multicentre randomised clinical trial evaluating the safety and feasibility of a bioengineered human allogeneic nanostructured anterior cornea in patients with advanced corneal trophic ulcers refractory to conventional treatmentGonzález-Andrades, Miguel; Mata, Rosario; González-Gallardo, María del Carmen; Medialdea, Santiago; Arias-Santiago, Salvador; Martínez-Atienza, Juliana; Ruiz-García, Antonio; Pérez-Fajardo, Lorena; Lizana-Moreno, Antonio; Garzón, Ingrid; Campos, Antonio; Alaminos, Miguel; Carmona, Gloria; Cuende, Natividad24-Sep-2017
Controlling the 3D architecture of Self-Lifting Auto-generated Tissue Equivalents (SLATEs) for optimized corneal graft composition and stability.Gouveia, Ricardo M; González-Andrades, Elena; Cardona, Juan C; González-Gallardo, Carmen; Ionescu, Ana M; Garzon, Ingrid; Alaminos, Miguel; González-Andrades, Miguel; Connon, Che JMar-2017
Detergent-Based Protocols on Decellularization of Corneas With Sclerocorneal Limbus. Evaluation of Regional Differences.González-Andrades, Miguel; Carriel, Victor; Rivera-Izquierdo, Mario; Garzón, Ingrid; González-Andrades, Elena; Medialdea, Santiago; Alaminos, Miguel; Campos, Antonio10-Apr-2015