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Readmission in COPD patients: should we consider it a marker of quality of care or a marker of a more severe disease with a worse prognosis?Hartl, Sylvia; Lopez-Campos, Jose Luis2016
Risk of death and readmission of hospital-admitted COPD exacerbations: European COPD Audit.Hartl, Sylvia; Lopez-Campos, Jose Luis; Pozo-Rodriguez, Francisco; Castro-Acosta, Ady; Studnicka, Michael; Kaiser, Bernhard; Roberts, C Michael22-Oct-2015
Treatment of COPD Exacerbation in Switzerland: Results and Recommendations of the European COPD Audit.Buess, Michael; Schilter, Daniel; Schneider, Tino; Maurer, Marc; Borer, Heinz; Thurnheer, Robert; Köhler, Erich; Junker, Lilian; Jahn, Kathleen; Grob, Michael; Rüdiger, Jochen; Geiser, Thomas; Helfenstein, Erich; Solèr, Markus; Fiechter, René; Sigrist, Thomas; Brun, Patrick; Barandun, Jürg; Koltai, Eva; López-Campos, José Luis; Hartl, Sylvia; Roberts, Michael; Schumann, Desiree M; Tamm, Michael; Stolz, Daiana19-Jul-2017