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Mte1 interacts with Mph1 and promotes crossover recombination and telomere maintenance.Silva, Sonia; Altmannova, Veronika; Luke-Glaser, Sarah; Henriksen, Peter; Gallina, Irene; Yang, Xuejiao; Choudhary, Chunaram; Luke, Brian; Krejci, Lumir; Lisby, Michael10-Mar-2016
SUMOylation of Rad52-Rad59 synergistically change the outcome of mitotic recombination.Silva, Sonia; Altmannova, Veronika; Eckert-Boulet, Nadine; Kolesar, Peter; Gallina, Irene; Hang, Lisa; Chung, Inn; Arneric, Milica; Zhao, Xiaolan; Buron, Line Due; Mortensen, Uffe H; Krejci, Lumir; Lisby, Michael16-Apr-2016