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Gender differences in cardiovascular risk factors in HIV infected patients on antiretroviral therapy: Data from the Spanish Coronator study.Santos, J; Olalla, J; Pérez-Elías, M; Miralles, C; Lozano, F; Iribarren, J; Masiá, M; Domingo, P; Bernardino, J; Estrada, V11-Nov-2012
Nevirapine vs efavirenz in virologically supressed patients: Differences in lipoprotein subclasses and inflammatory biomarkers.Estrada, V; Gómez-Garre, M; Santos, J; Gutiérrez, F; Labarga, P; Palacios, R; Masiá, M; López-Vázquez, M; Isernia, V; Vispo, E; Fernández-Cruz, A11-Nov-2012