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Prevalence and transmission dynamics of Escherichia coli ST131 among contacts of infected community and hospitalized patients.Torres, E; López-Cerero, L; Morales, I; Navarro, M D; Rodríguez-Baño, J; Pascual, A19-Sep-2017
The methodology of surveillance for antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections in Europe (SUSPIRE): a systematic review of publicly available information.Núñez-Núñez, M; Navarro, M D; Palomo, V; Rajendran, N B; Del Toro, M D; Voss, A; Sharland, M; Sifakis, F; Tacconelli, E; Rodríguez-Baño, J; EPI-Net, Combacte-Magnet and EUCIC Group for SUSPIRE24-Jul-2017