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Melatonin Targets Metabolism in Head and Neck Cancer Cells by Regulating Mitochondrial Structure and FunctionGuerra-Librero, Ana; Fernandez-Gil, Beatriz I.; Florido, Javier; Martinez-Ruiz, Laura; Rodríguez-Santana, César; Shen, Ying-Qiang; García-Verdugo, José M.; López-Rodríguez, Alba; Rusanova, Iryna; Quiñones-Hinojosa, Alfredo; Acuña-Castroviejo, Darío; Marruecos, Jordi; De Haro, Tomás; Escames, Germaine14-Apr-2021
The Impact of Melatonin and NLRP3 Inflammasome on the Expression of microRNAs in Aged MuscleSayed, Ramy KA; Fernández-Ortiz, Marisol; Fernández-Martínez, José; Aranda Martínez, Paula; Guerra-Librero, Ana; Rodríguez-Santana, César; de Haro, Tomás; Escames, Germaine; Acuña-Castroviejo, Darío; Rusanova, Iryna27-Mar-2021