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Effect of age at onset on cortical thickness and cognition in posterior cortical atrophy.Suárez-González, Aida; Lehmann, Manja; Shakespeare, Timothy J; Yong, Keir X X; Paterson, Ross W; Slattery, Catherine F; Foulkes, Alexander J M; Rabinovici, Gil D; Gil-Néciga, Eulogio; Roldán-Lora, Florinda; Schott, Jonathan M; Fox, Nick C; Crutch, Sebastian J25-Apr-2016
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Posterior Cortical Atrophy and Alzheimer Disease.Suárez-González, Aida; Crutch, Sebastian J; Franco-Macías, Emilio; Gil-Néciga, Eulogio24-Sep-2015
Successful short-term re-learning and generalisation of concepts in semantic dementia.Suárez-González, Aida; Savage, Sharon A; Caine, Diana28-Sep-2016