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HLA-B*57 and IFNL4-related polymorphisms are associated with protection against HIV-1 disease progression in controllers.Dominguez-Molina, B; Tarancon-Diez, L; Hua, S; Abad-Molina, C; Rodriguez-Gallego, E; Machmach, K; Vidal, F; Tural, C; Moreno, S; Goñi, J M; Ramírez de Arellano, E; Del Val, M; Gonzalez-Escribano, M F; Del Romero, J; Rodriguez, C; Capa, L; Viciana, P; Alcamí, J; Yu, X G; Walker, B D; Leal, Manuel; Lichterfeld, M; Ruiz-Mateos, E; ECRIS integrated in the Spanish AIDS Research Network16-Dec-2016
Increased CD127+ and decreased CD57+ T cell expression levels in HIV-infected patients on NRTI-sparing regimens.Gonzalez-Serna, A; Ferrando-Martinez, S; Tarancon-Diez, L; De Pablo-Bernal, R S; Dominguez-Molina, B; Jiménez, J L; Muñoz-Fernández, M Á; Leal, M; Ruiz-Mateos, E20-Dec-2017
Toll-Like Receptor 7 (TLR-7) and TLR-9 Agonists Improve Hepatitis C Virus Replication and Infectivity Inhibition by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells.Dominguez-Molina, B; Machmach, K; Perales, C; Tarancon-Diez, L; Gallego, I; Sheldon, J L; Leal, M; Domingo, E; Ruiz-Mateos, E12-Nov-2018
Validation of the HIV Tropism Test TROCAI Using the Virological Response to a Short-Term Maraviroc Monotherapy Exposure.Gonzalez-Serna, A; Genebat, M; De Luna-Romero, M; Tarancon-Diez, L; Dominguez-Molina, B; Pacheco, Y M; Muñoz-Fernández, M A; Leal, M; Ruiz-Mateos, E23-Sep-2016