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Association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and global DNA methylation in visceral adipose tissue from colorectal cancer patientsCastellano-Castillo, Daniel; Morcillo, Sonsoles; Crujeiras, Ana B.; Sánchez-Alcoholado, Lidia; Clemente-Postigo, Mercedes; Torres, Esperanza; Tinahones, Francisco José; Macias-Gonzalez, Manuel21-Jan-2019
Circulating antioxidant defences are decreased in healthy people after a high-fat meal.Cardona, Fernando; Túnez, Isaac; Tasset, Inmaculada; Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes; Collantes, Eduardo; Tinahones, Francisco JoséAug-2008
Impaired adipose tissue expandability and lipogenic capacities as ones of the main causes of metabolic disorders.Moreno-Indias, Isabel; Tinahones, Francisco JoséApr-2015
Obesity-associated insulin resistance is correlated to adipose tissue vascular endothelial growth factors and metalloproteinase levels.Tinahones, Francisco José; Coín-Aragüez, Leticia; Mayas, María Dolores; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Hurtado-Del-Pozo, Carmen; Vendrell, Joan; Cardona, Fernando; Calvo, Rosa-María; Obregón, María-Jesus; El Bekay, RajaaApr-2012
The rise of soluble TWEAK levels in severely obese subjects after bariatric surgery may affect adipocyte-cytokine production induced by TNFα.Maymó-Masip, Elsa; Fernández-Veledo, Sonia; García España, Antonio; Vázquez-Carballo, Ana; Tinahones, Francisco José; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Garrifo-Sánchez, Lourdes; Rodríguez, María del Mar; Vendrell, Joan; Chacón, Matilde RAug-2013