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Aquaporin-4 Mediates Permanent Brain Alterations in a Mouse Model of Hypoxia-Aged HydrocephalusTrillo-Contreras, José Luis; Toledo-Aral, Juan José; Villadiego, Javier; Echevarría, Miriam9-Sep-2021
Combined effects of aquaporin-4 and hypoxia produce age-related hydrocephalus.Trillo-Contreras, José Luis; Ramírez-Lorca, Reposo; Hiraldo-González, Laura; Sánchez-Gomar, Ismael; Galán-Cobo, Ana; Suárez-Luna, Nela; Sánchez de Rojas-de Pedro, Eva; Toledo-Aral, Juan José; Villadiego, Javier; Echevarría, Miriam8-Aug-2018
Comparative Analysis for the Presence of IgG Anti-Aquaporin-1 in Patients with NMO-Spectrum Disorders.Sánchez Gomar, Ismael; Díaz Sánchez, María; Uclés Sánchez, Antonio José; Casado Chocán, José Luis; Suárez-Luna, Nela; Ramírez-Lorca, Reposo; Villadiego, Javier; Toledo-Aral, Juan José; Echevarría, Miriam23-Jul-2016
Synaptic Regulator α-Synuclein in Dopaminergic Fibers Is Essentially Required for the Maintenance of Subependymal Neural Stem Cells.Perez-Villalba, Ana; Sirerol-Piquer, M Salomé; Belenguer, Germán; Soriano-Cantón, Raúl; Muñoz-Manchado, Ana Belén; Villadiego, Javier; Alarcón-Arís, Diana; Soria, Federico N; Dehay, Benjamin; Bezard, Erwan; Vila, Miquel; Bortolozzi, Analía; Toledo-Aral, Juan José; Pérez-Sánchez, Francisco; Fariñas, Isabel7-Dec-2017