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Amide-controlled, one-pot synthesis of tri-substituted purines generates structural diversity and analogues with trypanocidal activity.Pineda de las Infantas y Villatoro, Maria J; Unciti-Broceta, Juan D; Contreras-Montoya, Rafael; Garcia-Salcedo, Jose A; Gallo Mezo, Miguel A; Unciti-Broceta, Asier; Diaz-Mochon, Juan J16-Mar-2015
New Approaches to Overcome Transport Related Drug Resistance in Trypanosomatid Parasites.Garcia-Salcedo, Jose A; Unciti-Broceta, Juan D; Valverde-Pozo, Javier; Soriano, Miguel28-Sep-2016
Specific Cell Targeting Therapy Bypasses Drug Resistance Mechanisms in African Trypanosomiasis.Unciti-Broceta, Juan D; Arias, José L; Maceira, José; Soriano, Miguel; Ortiz-González, Matilde; Hernández-Quero, José; Muñóz-Torres, Manuel; de Koning, Harry P; Magez, Stefan; Garcia-Salcedo, José A25-Jun-2015