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Conservative management of unusual keratinising squamous metaplasia of the bladder in a 28-year-old female and overview of the literature.Vázquez Alonso, Fernando; Berrio Campos, Raquel; Puche Sanz, Ignacio; Segura Sánchez, Manuel; Molina Hernandez, Jose Miguel; Flores Martin, Jose Francisco; Cózar Olmo, Jose Manuel30-Apr-2012
Gouty tophi in the penis: a case report and review of the literature.Flores Martín, José Francisco; Vázquez Alonso, Fernando; Puche Sanz, Ignacio; Berrio Campos, Raquel; Campaña Gutierrez, Miguel Angel; Cózar Olmo, José Manuel24-Jun-2012
Nephron-sparing surgery for adenocarcinoma in a renal allograft.Vázquez Alonso, Fernando; Cardozo Rodríguez, Enrique; Puche Sanz, Ignacio; Flores Martin, Jose Francisco; Molina Hernandez, Jose Miguel; Berrio Campos, Raquel; Vicente Prados, Javier; Medina Benitez, Antonio; Cózar Olmo, Jose Manuel21-Jun-2012
Primary renal lymphoma: report of three new cases and literature review.Vázquez Alonso, Fernando; Sánchez Ramos, Carolina; Vicente Prados, Francisco Javier; Pascual Geler, Manrique; Ruiz Carazo, Eduardo; Becerra Massare, Patricia; Funes Padilla, Carlos; Rodríguez Herrera, Francisco; Cózar Olmo, José Manuel; Tallada Buñuel, MiguelJul-2009