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A Six-Gene Prognostic and Predictive Radiotherapy-Based Signature for Early and Locally Advanced Stages in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.Peinado-Serrano, Javier; Quintanal-Villalonga, Álvaro; Muñoz-Galvan, Sandra; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Mateos, Juan C; Ortiz-Gordillo, María J; Carnero, Amancio19-Apr-2022
c-MYB- and PGC1a-dependent metabolic switch induced by MYBBP1A loss in renal cancer.Felipe-Abrio, Blanca; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Carnero, Amancio11-Jun-2019
Chronotherapy: Circadian Rhythms and Their Influence in Cancer Therapy.Amiama-Roig, Ana; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Carnero, Amancio; Blanco, José-Ramón17-Oct-2022
Downregulation of MYPT1 increases tumor resistance in ovarian cancer by targeting the Hippo pathway and increasing the stemness.Muñoz-Galván, Sandra; Felipe-Abrio, Blanca; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Perez, Marco; Jiménez-García, Manuel P; Suarez-Martinez, Elisa; Estevez-Garcia, Purificacion; Carnero, Amancio11-Jan-2020
Implications of maraviroc and/or rapamycin in a mouse model of fragility.Pérez-Martínez, Laura; Romero, Lourdes; Muñoz-Galván, Sandra; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Rubio-Mediavilla, Susana; Oteo, José A; Carnero, Amancio; Blanco, José-Ramón30-Apr-2020
Mutation of SPINOPHILIN (PPP1R9B) found in human tumors promotes the tumorigenic and stemness properties of cells.Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Rojas, Ana M; Muñoz-Galván, Sandra; Otero-Albiol, Daniel; Carnero, Amancio19-Jan-2021
New markers for human ovarian cancer that link platinum resistance to the cancer stem cell phenotype and define new therapeutic combinations and diagnostic tools.Muñoz-Galván, Sandra; Felipe-Abrio, Blanca; García-Carrasco, Miguel; Domínguez-Piñol, Julia; Suarez-Martinez, Elisa; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Espinosa-Sánchez, Asunción; Navas, Lola E; Otero-Albiol, Daniel; Marin, Juan J; Jiménez-García, Manuel P; García-Heredia, Jose M; Quiroga, Adoración G; Estevez-Garcia, Purificacion; Carnero, Amancio3-Jun-2019
Role of the Holoenzyme PP1-SPN in the Dephosphorylation of the RB Family of Tumor Suppressors During Cell Cycle.Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Carnero, Amancio6-May-2021
The Cargo Protein MAP17 (PDZK1IP1) Regulates the Cancer Stem Cell Pool Activating the Notch Pathway by Abducting NUMB.Garcia-Heredia, Jose Manuel; Lucena-Cacace, Antonio; Verdugo-Sivianes, Eva M; Pérez, Marco; Carnero, Amancio2-Feb-2017