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Title: Importance of mental performance in parental choice of food for children aged 4-10 years: a study in four European countries.
Authors: Gage, Heather
Egan, Bernadette
Williams, Peter
Brands, Brigitte
Györei, Eszter
López-Robles, Juan-Carlos
Campoy, Cristina
Decsi, Tamas
Koletzko, Berthold
Raats, Monique
Keywords: Children;European countries;Food choice;Mental performance;Parents
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Adolescent
Child Behavior
Child, Preschool
Choice Behavior
Decision Making
Diet, Healthy
Food Preferences
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Middle Aged
Nutritional Status
Parent-Child Relations
Surveys and Questionnaires
Young Adult
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2016
Abstract: Typically, attention focuses on how nutrition affects physical health. The present study investigated the importance that parents attach to the impact of diet on mental performance when choosing food for their child. Questionnaire. Four European countries. Parents of children aged 4-10 years (n 1574): England (n 397), Germany (n 389), Hungary (n 398) and Spain (n 390). Most parents (80-85 %) considered the effect of food on four elements of mental performance (child's ability to learn, attention, behaviour, mood) to be moderately, very, extremely (v. slightly, not at all) important in food choices; over 90 % considered healthiness of food and making food appealing to their child important; 79·8 % cost; 76·8 % convenience. Belief that food affects mental performance was 57·4 % (ability to learn), 60·5 % (attention); less than 40 % of parents agreed they were aware which foods had an effect. Parents with lower general interest in healthy eating were less likely to consider the effect of food on mental performance elements as important. Respondents from Germany were more likely to rate mental performance as important (except behaviour); those in Hungary less likely. The most important influence on parents' decisions about feeding their child was their own experience, except Spain, where family/friends/health professionals were more important. Nutrition affects brain development and cognitive functioning. Low prioritisation of the effect of food on mental performance indicates potential for educating parents.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1017/S1368980016003062
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