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Title: [Does corticosteroid treatment during the pre and postnatal periods affect the neurodevelopmental outcome of premature newborns?].
Authors: Lardón, Marita
Uberos, José
Narbona, Eduardo
Keywords: Adrenal cortex hormones;betamethasone;dexamethasone;neurodevelopmental disorders;premature birth;therapeutics
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Adrenal Cortex Hormones
Infant, Newborn
Infant, Premature, Diseases
Prospective Studies
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2017
Abstract: Glucocorticoids, widely used in the perinatal period, may be associated with adverse neurodevelopmental effects. To analyze neurodevelopmental outcomes in a cohort of very low birth weight newborns treated with antenatal and/or postnatal corticosteroids. This was a prospective cohort study in which we included all very low birth weight babies admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of a tertiary hospital between 2008 and 2013. We compared the neurodevelopment among very low birth-weight newborns who did not receive prenatal corticosteroid therapy and those who received a complete course (two doses of 12 mg betamethasone) and an incomplete course (one dose), and between those who did not receive postnatal corticosteroid therapy and those who received it (systemic dexamethasone after the first week of life). Motor, neurosensory and cognitive functions, as well as behavior disorders during the first two years of age were evaluated. A total of 225 very low birth weight newborns were analyzed; 83.6% received prenatal corticosteroid therapy (24% incomplete treatment schedule and 59.6% complete schedule). Only 13.3% received systemic dexamethasone during the postnatal period. Neurological monitoring was performed corticosteroid therapy and more neurological disorders, and no significant differences were found among those who received complete and incomplete courses of prenatal corticosteroid therapy. These results did not demonstrate an association between perinatal corticosteroid therapy and worse neurodevelopmental outcomes in very low birth weight newborns.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.7705/biomedica.v37i3.3394
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