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Title: [Early diagnosis of HIV in Primary Care in Spain. Results of a pilot study based on targeted screening based on indicator conditions, behavioral criteria and region of origin].
Other Titles: Diagnóstico precoz del VIH en atención primaria en España. Resultados de una prueba piloto de cribado dirigido basado en condiciones indicadoras, criterios conductuales y de origen.
Authors: Agustí, Cristina
Martín-Rabadán, María
Zarco, José
Aguado, Cristina
Carrillo, Ricard
Codinachs, Roger
Carmona, Jose Manuel
Casabona, Jordi
Keywords: AIDS;Atención primaria;Condiciones indicadoras;Diagnosis;Diagnóstico;HIV;Indicator conditions;Missed opportunities;Oportunidades perdidas;Primary care;Sida;VIH
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Adult
Cross-Sectional Studies
Early Diagnosis
HIV Infections
Health Risk Behaviors
Mass Screening
Pilot Projects
Primary Health Care
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2017
Abstract: To estimate the prevalence of HIV infection in patients diagnosed with an indicator condition (IC) for HIV and/or risk behavior for their acquisition and/or coming from high prevalence countries. To determine the acceptability and feasibility of offering HIV testing based on IC and behavioral and origin criteria in Primary Care (PC). Cross-sectional study in a convenience sample. Six PC centers in Spain. The inclusion criteria were: patients between 16 and 65years old who presented at least one of the proposed ICs and/or at least one of the proposed behavioral and/or origin criteria. A total of 388 patients participated. HIV serology was offered to all patients who met the inclusion criteria. Description of IC frequency, behavioral and origin criteria. Prevalence of HIV infection. Level of acceptability and feasibility of the HIV screening based on IC and behavioral and origin criteria. A total of 174 patients had an IC (44.84%). The most common behavioral criterion was: having unprotected sex at some time in life with people who did not know their HIV status (298; 76.8%). Four HIV+ patients (1.03%) were diagnosed. All had an IC and were men who had sex with men. The level of acceptability in PC was high. Offering HIV testing to patients with IC and behavioral criteria is feasible and effective in PC.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1016/j.aprim.2017.02.008
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