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Title: Validation of KDRI/KDPI for the selection of expanded criteria kidney donors.
Other Titles: Validación del KDRI/KPDI para la selección de donantes renales con criterios expandidos.
Authors: Del Moral Martín, Raimundo M García
Retamero Díaz, Juan Antonio
Cava Molina, Mercedes
Cobacho Tornel, Belen M
Bravo Soto, Juan
Osuna Ortega, Antonio
O'Valle Ravassa, Francisco
Keywords: Biopsia preimplantación;Donante con criterios expandidos;Expanded criteria donors;KDPI;Preimplantation kidney biopsy;Renal kidney graft survival;Supervivencia del injerto renal
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Cohort Studies
Donor Selection
Kidney Transplantation
Middle Aged
Retrospective Studies
Risk Assessment
Tissue and Organ Procurement
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2017
Abstract: KDRI / KDPI are tools use in kidney donor evaluation. It has been proposed as a substitute of, or complementary to preimplantation renal biopsy. These scores has not been validated in Spain. 1) To investigate the concordance between KDPI and histological scores (preimplantation renal biopsy) and 2) To assess the relationship between KDRI, KDPI and histological score on graft survival in the expanded criteria donors group. Retrospective cohort study from 1 January 1998 until 31 December 2010. During the study 120 donors were recruited, that resulted in 220 preimplantation renal biopsies. 144 (65%) grafts were considered suitable for kidney transplantation. 76 (34.5%) were discarded. Median follow up has been 6.4 years (sd 3.9). Median age 63.1 years (sd 8.2), males (145; 65.9%), non-diabetic (191; 86.8%) and without another cardiovascular risk factors (173; 78.6%). 153 (69.5%) donors died of cerebrovascular disease. There were significant differences in KDRI/KDPI score in both groups 1.56/89 (sd 0.22) vs 1.66/93 (sd 0.15), p 1) KPDI and histological scores show moderate concordance. The utility of both scores as combined tools it has to be determined. 2) KDPI score, and especially KDRI score, are valid for estimating graft survival and combined with the biopsy can help to individualized decision making in the expanded criteria donors pool.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1016/j.nefro.2017.08.006
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