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Title: Drug use, family support and related factors in university students. A cross-sectional study based on the uniHcos Project data.
Authors: Arias-De la Torre, Jorge
Fernández-Villa, Tania
Molina, Antonio José
Amezcua-Prieto, Carmen
Mateos, Ramona
Cancela, José María
Delgado-Rodríguez, Miguel
Ortíz-Moncada, Rocío
Alguacil, Juan
Almaraz, Ana
Gómez-Acebo, Inés
Suárez-Varela, María Morales
Blázquez-Abellán, Gemma
Jiménez-Mejías, Eladio
Valero, Luis Félix
Ayán, Carlos
Vilorio-Marqués, Laura
Olmedo-Requena, Rocío
Martín, Vicente
uniHcos Project Research Group
Keywords: Apoyo familiar;Consumo de drogas;Drug use;Estudiantes;Family support;Students;Universidad;University
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Cross-Sectional Studies
Social Support
Substance-Related Disorders
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2018
Abstract: To assess the prevalence of illegal drug use in college students on any previous occasion, during the previous year and the previous month, and to analyze the relationship between illegal drug use and family support and other factors. A cross-sectional study using data from students participating in the uniHcos project (n = 3767) was conducted. The prevalence and age of onset of consumption of cannabis, non-prescription sedatives, stimulants and depressants was evaluated. Polyconsumption was also assessed. The independent variables were: family support, age, residence, and employment status. To determine the factors related to drug use multivariate logistic regression models stratified by gender were fitted. Differences between men and women in prevalence of illegal drug use except non-prescription sedatives were observed. In both genders, less family support was associated with higher consumption of all drugs, except depressants, and with polyconsumption. To be studying and looking for work was related to cannabis and stimulant use and to polyconsumption among women, but only to cannabis use among men. These results support the notion that the start of university studies is a particularly relevant stage in the onset of illegal drug use and its prevention, and that consumption may be especially associated with family support.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1016/j.gaceta.2017.10.019
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