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Título : How Can Nanotechnology Help to Repair the Body? Advances in Cardiac, Skin, Bone, Cartilage and Nerve Tissue Regeneration
Autor : Perán, Macarena
Garcia, Maria Angel
Lopez-Ruiz, Elena
Jiménez, Gema
Marchal, Juan Antonio
Filiación: [Perán,M; Lopez-Ruiz,E] Department of Health Sciences, University of Jaén, Jaén, Spain. [Garcia, MA] Research Unit, University Hospital “Virgen de las Nieves”, Granada, Spain. [Jiménez,G; Marchal,JA] Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine Institute (IBIMER), University of Granada, Armilla, Granada, Spain. [Marchal, JA] Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.
Palabras clave : nanotechnology
tissue engineering
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Ingeniería de Tejidos
MeSH: Medical Subject Headings::Disciplines and Occupations::Natural Science Disciplines::Nanotechnology
Medical Subject Headings::Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment::Equipment and Supplies::Culture Media::Tissue Scaffolds
Medical Subject Headings::Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment::Investigative Techniques::Culture Techniques::Cell Engineering::Tissue Engineering
Medical Subject Headings::Technology, Industry, Agriculture::Technology, Industry, and Agriculture::Manufactured Materials::Nanostructures
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Cardiovascular System::Heart
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Integumentary System::Skin
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Musculoskeletal System::Skeleton::Bone and Bones
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Musculoskeletal System::Cartilage
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Tissues::Nerve Tissue
Fecha de publicación : 28-Mar-2013
Editorial : MDPI
Cita Bibliográfica: Perán, M.; García, M.A.; Lopez-Ruiz, E.; Jiménez, G.; Marchal, J.A. How Can Nanotechnology Help to Repair the Body? Advances in Cardiac, Skin, Bone, Cartilage and Nerve Tissue Regeneration. Materials. 2013; 6, 1333-1359.
Abstract: Nanotechnologists have become involved in regenerative medicine via creation of biomaterials and nanostructures with potential clinical implications. Their aim is to develop systems that can mimic, reinforce or even create in vivo tissue repair strategies. In fact, in the last decade, important advances in the field of tissue engineering, cell therapy and cell delivery have already been achieved. In this review, we will delve into the latest research advances and discuss whether cell and/or tissue repair devices are a possibility. Focusing on the application of nanotechnology in tissue engineering research, this review highlights recent advances in the application of nano-engineered scaffolds designed to replace or restore the followed tissues: (i) skin; (ii) cartilage; (iii) bone; (iv) nerve; and (v) cardiac.
Descripción : (This article belongs to the Special Issue Advances in Nanoscale Biomaterials)
Versión del editor :
DOI: 10.3390/ma6041333
ISSN : 1996-1944 (Online)
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