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Title: Radiation for Awakening the Dormant Immune System, a Promising Challenge to be Explored.
Authors: Cruz-Merino, Luis de la
Illescas-Vacas, Ana
Grueso-López, Ana
Barco-Sánchez, Antonio
Míguez-Sánchez, Carlos
metadata.dc.contributor.authoraffiliation: [Cruz-Merino,L de la; Grueso-López,A] Clinical Oncology Department, Virgen Macarena University Hospital, Seville, Spain. [Illescas-Vacas,A; Míguez-Sánchez,C] Radiotherapy Department, Virgen Macarena University Hospital, Seville, Spain. [Barco-Sánchez,A] Biochemistry Department, Virgen Macarena University Hospital, Seville, Spain.n. Cancer Immunotherapies Spanish Group (GETICA).
Keywords: CTLA-4;abscopal effect;immunotherapy;radiotherapy effects;tumor microenvironment;Estructuras Celulares;Citocinas;Inmunoterapia;Microambiente Tumoral
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Medical Subject Headings::Disciplines and Occupations::Natural Science Disciplines::Science::Research::Biomedical Research
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Cells::Cellular Structures
Medical Subject Headings::Chemicals and Drugs::Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins::Peptides::Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins::Cytokines
Medical Subject Headings::Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment::Therapeutics::Biological Therapy::Immunomodulation::Immunotherapy
Medical Subject Headings::Diseases::Neoplasms
Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Cell Physiological Phenomena::Cellular Microenvironment::Tumor Microenvironment
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2014
Publisher: Frontiers
Citation: Cruz-Merino L de la, Illescas-Vacas A, Grueso-López A, Barco-Sánchez A, Míguez-Sánchez C. Radiation for Awakening the Dormant Immune System, a Promising Challenge to be Explored. Front Immunol. 2014; 5:102
Abstract: Recent advances that have been made in our understanding of cancer biology and immunology show that infiltrated immune cells and cytokines in the tumor microenvironment may play different functions that appear tightly related to clinical outcomes. Strategies aimed at interfering with the cross-talk between microenvironment tumor cells and their cellular partners have been considered for the development of new immunotherapies. These novel therapies target different cell components of the tumor microenvironment and importantly, they may be coupled and boosted with classical treatments, such as radiotherapy. In this work, we try to summarize recent data on the microenvironment impact of radiation therapy, from pre-clinical research to the clinic, while taking into account that this new knowledge will probably translate into indication and objective of radiation therapy changes in the next future.
Description: Journal Article; Review;
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2014.00102
ISSN: 1664-3224 (Online)
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