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Obesity-associated insulin resistance is correlated to adipose tissue vascular endothelial growth factors and metalloproteinase levels.Tinahones, Francisco José; Coín-Aragüez, Leticia; Mayas, María Dolores; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Hurtado-Del-Pozo, Carmen; Vendrell, Joan; Cardona, Fernando; Calvo, Rosa-María; Obregón, María-Jesus; El Bekay, RajaaApr-2012
De novo lipogenesis in adipose tissue is associated with course of morbid obesity after bariatric surgery.Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes; Vendrell, Joan; Fernández-García, Diego; Ceperuelo-Mallafré, María Victoria; Chacón, Matilde R; Ocaña-Wilhelmi, Luis; Alcaide, Juan; Tinahones Madueño, Francisco José; García-Fuentes, Eduardo23-Feb-2012
Tumor necrosis-like weak inducer of apoptosis as a proinflammatory cytokine in human adipocyte cells: up-regulation in severe obesity is mediated by inflammation but not hypoxia.Vendrell, Joan; Maymó-Masip, Elsa; Tinahones Madueño, Francisco José; García-España, Antonio; Megía, Ana; Caubet, Enric; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Chacón, Matilde RJun-2010
Iodine intakes of 100-300 μg/d do not modify thyroid function and have modest anti-inflammatory effects.Soriguer, Federico; Gutiérrez-Repiso, Carolina; Rubio-Martin, Elehazara; Linares, Francisca; Cardona, Isabel; López-Ojeda, Jaime; Pacheco, Marta; González-Romero, Stella; Garriga, Maria J.; Velasco, Ines; Santiago, Piedad; García-Fuentes, EduardoJun-2011
The rise of soluble TWEAK levels in severely obese subjects after bariatric surgery may affect adipocyte-cytokine production induced by TNFα.Maymó-Masip, Elsa; Fernández-Veledo, Sonia; García España, Antonio; Vázquez-Carballo, Ana; Tinahones, Francisco José; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Garrifo-Sánchez, Lourdes; Rodríguez, María del Mar; Vendrell, Joan; Chacón, Matilde RAug-2013
Zinc-alpha 2-glycoprotein gene expression in adipose tissue is related with insulin resistance and lipolytic genes in morbidly obese patients.Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Fernández-García, Diego; Escoté, Xavier; Alcaide, Juan; Pérez-Martínez, Pablo; Vendrell, Joan; Tinahones, Francisco J19-Mar-2012
Amniotic fluid iodine concentrations do not vary in pregnant women with varying iodine intake.García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Gallo, Manuel; García, Laureano; Prieto, Stephanie; Alcaide-Torres, Javier; Santiago, Piedad; Velasco, Inés; Soriguer, FedericoJun-2008
Munc18c in adipose tissue is downregulated in obesity and is associated with insulin.Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes; Escote, Xavier; Coín-Aragüez, Leticia; Fernández-García, José Carlos; El Bekay, Rajaa; Vendrell, Joan; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Tinahones, Francisco J20-May-2013
Effect of iodine prophylaxis during pregnancy on neurocognitive development of children during the first two years of life.Velasco, Ines; Carreira, Monica; Santiago, Piedad; Muela, José Antonio; García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Sánchez-Muñoz, Baltasar; Garriga, Maria J; González-Fernández, Maria C; Rodríguez, Alvaro; Caballero, Francisco F; Machado, Alberto; González-Romero, Stella; Anarte, Maria T; Soriguer, FedericoSep-2009
Hypoxia is associated with a lower expression of genes involved in lipogenesis in visceral adipose tissue.García-Fuentes, Eduardo; Santiago-Fernández, Concepción; Gutiérrez-Repiso, Carolina; Mayas, María D; Oliva-Olivera, Wilfredo; Coín-Aragüez, Leticia; Alcaide, Juan; Ocaña-Wilhelmi, Luis; Vendrell, Joan; Tinahones, Francisco J; Garrido-Sánchez, Lourdes30-Nov-2015