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Title: Perceptions about mental illness among general practitioners
Authors: Castillejos Anguiano, Mª Carmen
Bordallo Aragón, Antonio
Aguilera Fernández, David
Moreno Küstner, Berta
metadata.dc.contributor.authoraffiliation: [Castillejos Anguiano,MC; Moreno Küstner,B] Andalusian Group of Psychosocial Research (GAP), Department of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment, University of Malaga, Malaga, Spain. [Bordallo Aragón,A; Aguilera Fernández,D] Clinical Management Unit of Mental Health of the Regional Hospital of Malaga, Andalusian Health Service, Malaga, Spain. [Moreno Küstner,B] Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga (IBIMA), Malaga, Spain.
Keywords: Primary care;Schizophrenia;Stigma;Collaborative model;Primary health care;Atención primaria de salud;Esquizofrenia;Social stigma;Estigma social
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Medical Subject Headings::Psychiatry and Psychology::Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms::Behavior::Social Behavior::Social Stigma
Medical Subject Headings::Psychiatry and Psychology::Mental Disorders::Schizophrenia and Disorders with Psychotic Features::Schizophrenia
Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Health Services Administration::Patient Care Management::Comprehensive Health Care::Primary Health Care
Issue Date: 13-Apr-2019
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.
Citation: Castillejos Anguiano MC, Bordallo Aragón A, Aguilera Fernández D, Moreno Küstner B. Perceptions about mental illness among general practitioners. Int J Ment Health Syst. 2019 Apr 13;13:27.
Abstract: Background: General practitioners (GPs) play an important role in the physical care of patients with severe mental illness, so our aim was to analyse the relationships between GPs' sociodemographic status and worked-related variables and their perceptions about mental illness. Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in the Clinical Management Unit of Mental Health (CMU-MH) of the Regional Hospital of Malaga (Spain). The eligible population comprised all GPs working in the 13 primary care centres (PCCs) in the hospital's catchment area during the study period. GPs were interviewed to collect data on their attitudes to and knowledge of mental illness, psychiatry and the local mental health team, as well as their sociodemographic status, professional qualifications and experience. Bivariate analysis was carried out. Results: 145 GPs answered the questionnaire (77%). ANOVA revealed that most of the PCCs with the best relationship with their mental health team and best attitude to mental illness were in the Central Community Mental Health Unit, which operated a collaborative model of care. Conclusions: These results indicated that GPs who worked more closely with their specialist mental health team had a better perception of their relationship with the mental health centre and less stigmatisation in regard to mental illness.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1186/s13033-019-0284-9
ISSN: 1752-4458 (Online)
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