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Title: Current Knowledge about the Effect of Nutritional Status, Supplemented Nutrition Diet, and Gut Microbiota on Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion and Regeneration in Liver Surgery
Authors: Cornide-Petronio, María Eugenia
Álvarez-Mercado, Ana Isabel
Jiménez-Castro, Mónica B.
Peralta, Carmen
metadata.dc.contributor.authoraffiliation: [Cornide-Petronio,ME; Jiménez-Castro,MB; Peralta,C] Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS), Barcelona, Spain. [Álvarez-Mercado,AI] Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II, School of Pharmacy, University of Granada, Granada, Spain. [Álvarez-Mercado,AI] Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology “José Mataix,” Center of Biomedical Research, University of Granada, Armilla, Granada, Spain. [Álvarez-Mercado,AI] Instituto de Investigación Biosanitaria ibs, GRANADA, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada, Granada, Spain. [Peralta,C] Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Hepáticas y Digestivas (CIBERehd), Barcelona, Spain.
Keywords: Ischemia-reperfusion injury;Nutritional status;Supplemented nutrition;Gut microbiota;Partial hepatectomy;Liver transplantation;Daño por reperfusión;Estado nutricional;Suplementos dietéticos;Microbioma gastrointestinal;Hepatectomía;Trasplante de hígado
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Physiological Phenomena::Nutritional Physiological Phenomena::Diet
Medical Subject Headings::Technology and Food and Beverages::Food and Beverages::Food::Dietary Supplements
Medical Subject Headings::Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment::Surgical Procedures, Operative::Digestive System Surgical Procedures::Hepatectomy
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Primates::Haplorhini::Catarrhini::Hominidae::Humans
Medical Subject Headings::Anatomy::Digestive System::Liver
Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Digestive System and Oral Physiological Phenomena::Digestive System Physiological Phenomena::Digestive System Processes::Liver Regeneration
Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Physiological Phenomena::Nutritional Physiological Phenomena::Nutritional Status
Medical Subject Headings::Diseases::Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms::Pathologic Processes::Postoperative Complications::Reperfusion Injury
Medical Subject Headings::Phenomena and Processes::Microbiological Phenomena::Microbiota
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Rodentia::Muridae::Murinae::Mice
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2020
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Cornide-Petronio ME, Álvarez-Mercado AI, Jiménez-Castro MB, Peralta C. Current Knowledge about the Effect of Nutritional Status, Supplemented Nutrition Diet, and Gut Microbiota on Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion and Regeneration in Liver Surgery. Nutrients. 2020 Jan 21;12(2):284
Abstract: Ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury is an unresolved problem in liver resection and transplantation. The preexisting nutritional status related to the gut microbial profile might contribute to primary non-function after surgery. Clinical studies evaluating artificial nutrition in liver resection are limited. The optimal nutritional regimen to support regeneration has not yet been exactly defined. However, overnutrition and specific diet factors are crucial for the nonalcoholic or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis liver diseases. Gut-derived microbial products and the activation of innate immunity system and inflammatory response, leading to exacerbation of I/R injury or impaired regeneration after resection. This review summarizes the role of starvation, supplemented nutrition diet, nutritional status, and alterations in microbiota on hepatic I/R and regeneration. We discuss the most updated effects of nutritional interventions, their ability to alter microbiota, some of the controversies, and the suitability of these interventions as potential therapeutic strategies in hepatic resection and transplantation, overall highlighting the relevance of considering the extended criteria liver grafts in the translational liver surgery.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.3390/nu12020284
ISSN: 2072-6643 (Online)
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