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Title: Serosurvey Study of Toscana Virus in Domestic Animals, Granada, Spain
Authors: Navarro-Marí, José María
Palop-Borrás, Begoña
Pérez-Ruiz, Mercedes
Sanbonmatsu-Gámez, Sara
metadata.dc.contributor.authoraffiliation: [Navarro-Marí,JM; Pérez-Ruiz,M; Sanbonmatsu-Gámez,S] Servicio de Microbiología, Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves, Granada, Spain. [Palop-Borrás,B] Sección de Microbiología. Hospital Carlos Haya. Málaga, Spain.
Keywords: Andalucía
metadata.dc.subject.mesh: Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Animal Population Groups::Animals, Domestic
Medical Subject Headings::Chemicals and Drugs::Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins::Proteins::Blood Proteins::Serum Globulins::Immunoglobulins::Antibodies::Antibodies, Viral
Medical Subject Headings::Diseases::Virus Diseases::RNA Virus Infections::Bunyaviridae Infections
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Carnivora::Felidae::Felis::Cats
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Artiodactyla::Ruminants::Cattle
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Medical Subject Headings::Health Care::Environment and Public Health::Public Health::Disease Reservoirs
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Carnivora::Canidae::Dogs
Medical Subject Headings::Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment::Investigative Techniques::Immunologic Techniques::Fluorescent Antibody Technique::Fluorescent Antibody Technique, Indirect
Medical Subject Headings::Organisms::Eukaryota::Animals::Chordata::Vertebrates::Mammals::Artiodactyla::Ruminants::Goats
Issue Date: 17-May-2011
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert
Citation: José María Navarro-Marí, Begoña Palop-Borrás, Mercedes Pérez-Ruiz, and Sara Sanbonmatsu-Gámez.Serosurvey Study of Toscana Virus in Domestic Animals, Granada, Spain. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases. May 2011, 11(5): 583-587
Abstract: Toscana virus (TOSV) is transmitted by infected sandflies. In Mediterranean countries, TOSV is one of the major viral pathogens involved in aseptic meningitis and meningoencephalitis in humans. It remains unclear if there are animal reservoirs able to maintain the virus through the cold months of the year, when the vector is not circulating. From May to October of 2006 and 2007, we conducted a serosurvey study on domestic animals from Granada province (southern Spain). TOSV was investigated in 1186 serum samples from horses, goats, pigs, cats, dogs, sheep, and cows by serology (indirect fluorescence assay), viral culture, and RT-polymerase chain reaction. Specific anti-TOSV antibodies were detected in 429 (36.2%) serum samples. The highest seropositivity rates were observed in cats (59.6%) and dogs (48.3%). These results suggest that an important percentage of the domestic animals have been infected by TOSV. Significantly different seroprevalence rates were detected in goats among distinct geographical areas. All viral cultures were negative. TOSV was detected by RT-polymerase chain reaction in only one serum sample from a goat. Thus, the studied animals do not seem to act as reservoirs for TOSV; otherwise, they could be amplifying hosts for the virus.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1089/vbz.2010.0065
ISSN: 1557-7759 (Online)
1530-3667 (Print)
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