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Title: Improved Circuits with Capacitive Feedback for Readout Resistive Sensor Arrays.
Authors: Oballe-Peinado, Óscar
Vidal-Verdú, Fernando
Sánchez-Durán, José A
Castellanos-Ramos, Julián
Hidalgo-López, José A
Keywords: FPGAs;direct sensor-to-digital device interface;parallel analogue data acquisition;resistive sensor arrays
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2016
Abstract: One of the most suitable ways of distributing a resistive sensor array for reading is an array with M rows and N columns. This allows reduced wiring and a certain degree of parallelism in the implementation, although it also introduces crosstalk effects. Several types of circuits can carry out the analogue-digital conversion of this type of sensors. This article focuses on the use of operational amplifiers with capacitive feedback and FPGAs for this task. Specifically, modifications of a previously reported circuit are proposed to reduce the errors due to the non-idealities of the amplifiers and the I/O drivers of the FPGA. Moreover, calibration algorithms are derived from the analysis of the proposed circuitry to reduce the crosstalk error and improve the accuracy. Finally, the performances of the proposals is evaluated experimentally on an array of resistors and for different ranges.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.3390/s16020149
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