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Functional Variants in NOS1 and NOS2A Are Not Associated with Progressive Hearing Loss in Ménière's Disease in a European Caucasian PopulationGazquez, Irene; Lopez-Escamez, Jose A.; Moreno, Antonia; Campbell, Colleen A.; Meyer, Nicole C.; Carey, John P.; Minor, Lloyd B.; Gantz, Bruce J.; Hansen, Marlan R.; Della Santina, Charles C.; Aran, Ismael; Soto-Varela, Andres; Santos, Sofia; Batuecas, Angel; Perez-Garrigues, Herminio; Lopez-Nevot, Alicia; Smith, Richard J.H.; Lopez-Nevot, Miguel A.9-Sep-2011
Polymorphisms of CD16A and CD32 Fcgamma receptors and circulating immune complexes in Meniere's disease: a case-control study.Lopez-Escamez, Jose A; Saenz-Lopez, Pablo; Gazquez, Irene; Moreno, Antonia; Gonzalez-Oller, Carlos; Soto-Varela, Andrés; Santos, Sofía; Aran, Ismael; Perez-Garrigues, Herminio; Ibañez, Águeda; Lopez-Nevot, Miguel AJan-2011
High Prevalence of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases in Patients with Meniere's DiseaseGazquez, Irene; Soto-Varela, Andres; Aran, Ismael; Santos, Sofia; Batuecas, Angel; Trinidad, Gabriel; Perez-Garrigues, Herminio; Gonzalez-Oller, Carlos; Acosta, Lourdes; Lopez-Escamez, Jose A28-Oct-2011